I’m Back and Ready to Go!

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KeyboardI have been away from my website working on many projects and living life. I have never been a great writer so please bear with me over the next few months as I get myself into writing regularly. For starters I would love some feed back from anyone. What is the best frequency to make blog posts. I have done alot of research and have found countless opinions and advice to write more or less. Some say a few times a week and others a few times a month. With that being said I am going to do my best to post once a week. Please let me know your thoughts on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

The only other thing about writing posts is what the heck do I write about. I will work hard to keep it all very interesting, anything from web design to print design to colors or logos. I want to help you the reader learn more. I am a firm beleiver that you should never stop learning. I also want potential clients to be as educated as possible. I think having a client that has some knowledge of what I do actually makes my job easier in the long run.

Sooo… while this may not be the longest post it is a start. A start of something I intend to keep up with and grow for you the reader and you the potential client and anyone else out there reading what knowledge I am giving out. And for all those that do stumble upon this let me say I do appreciate your time you are spending with me.

Please check back in a week or so, as I will be writing more just as I had promised and if for some reason there is a blank spot feel free to let me know.

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