Designing a great logo is no small task. Here at Blue Dogg Design we feel this is one of the most important steps in branding your business. For that reason we work with you to find exactly what it is you want to convey to your potential clients and customers. Everything will be looked at, from color pallets to font selection and creating something memorable that will stay in the minds of the clients.

There are many different companies out there that will try to tell you they can create a professional looking logo in no amount of time and for only a minimal cost. I can’t tell you how many of those people have come to me unsatisfied with the logo designs they received from these companies and then I was able to ease their minds and design a logo they loved and was exactly what they had wanted in the first place. Not to say I am the best designer but I will listen to what you have to say and work with you until you have the exact logo you want. I won’t give you only two revisions and that’s it. We will work together until your logo conveys what your business is all about.

Once your logo has been completed you will own all the rights to that logo and will be given the logo in all the many formats that you should need it. The logos are created in Illustrator which is a vector based program so the logo can be any size and not loose any integrity. Once the final approval is given you will receive the original EPS file, PDF, PNG, JPG, and any other format you may need. If you have questions please contact us and we will be glad to talk. Please check out some of our logo designs for other clients here Logo Design Portfolio.