New Logo for Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce

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I was asked to create a new logo by the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce for their new Young Professional Group. My instructions were as follows.

  • Outside the box group
  • Innovative networking, connections, outside the box thinking!
  • Incorporate Chamber Swoosh and brand….
  • Colors….thinking but not limited to….Black, Silver, Blue with maybe a pop of red
  • Must be catchy and unique and youthful….TODAY looking.

There were a few samples sent along and that was it. I always love to have creative liberty when designing logos. I came up with a number of different ideas and then let them decide.

Innovative Initiative






This is the one the decided on. I feel it takes most of their wants into consideration and best of all they loved it. That’s what counts.

The logo was designed in Illustrator. The light bulb was an image I created so it would be completely unique to this logo and then the yellow fading behind the text to give it some depth.

Let me know what you think. I always like criticism good or bad.

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