Blue Dogg Design believes your target audience should be able to navigate and find what they are looking for with ease on your website. Nothing is worse than a frustrated customer other than a lost customer. If a visitor to your site can’t easily find what they need then you have lost revenue. We design your site with the end user in mind so this does not happen.

We build on the WordPress platform to make managing the site simple and easy. There are countless add ons and plugins to make your site work exactly the way you want. The ability to really customize the site to make you stand out from the rest.

Your website can be viewed on any device from a computer to a smart phone and everything in between. Things such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript may sound foreign to you but it is what makes the difference in whether a website is average or something that attracts attention.

Blue Dogg Design tries to keep our prices competitive and we look at each project separately. There is no “one size fits all” or “standard price for a website”. Your needs are unique and that should reflect in the pricing. We never try to push more product than you need, but we will make suggestions to help your businesses website be more successful. Contact us. Contact us and we can discuss your needs to come up with a solution and a quote.

If you already have a website and just need some help with updating what you have, we can help with that as well.

Please look over some of our clients websites here, Website Portfolio.